Apollo Health & Beauty Care

About the Founder of Apollo

Charles Wachsberg is the founder, President and CEO of Apollo Health and Beauty Care

A premium developer of private label health and beauty care products offering complete product categories designed to compete equivalently with the most popular national brands. As the largest private label and control label personal care manufacturer in Canada, Apollo manufactures products for major retailers in addition to contract manufacturing for many reputable national brand companies and marketing houses.

Established in 1991, Apollo is located in a state-of-the-art facility in the City of Toronto and currently employs approximately 500 people. Charles has governed Apollo’s exponential growth as North America's innovation and creative manufacturing leader in personal care, championing oversight of sales and client relations functions within the organization. Throughout its 22-year history, Apollo’s positioning has progressively strengthened and evolved with change in the marketplace consequently establishing itself a market leader that has resulted in 12 consecutive years as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

A strong culture of teamwork, exceptional Client service, and dedication to quality has been the hallmark of Charles’ penchant to position Apollo separate from its Competition with consumers enjoying Apollo’s products in fifteen countries on four separate continents. Superior product development and service have led to multiple awards across skin, bath and body care categories including the coveted Category Colonel for North America.

Charles holds a degree in Microbiology and Business Administration from the University of Toronto.

Apollo Health & Beauty Care Apollo Health & Beauty Care Apollo Health & Beauty Care