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-- FEBRUARY 2014 --

Apollo Health and Beauty Care is pleased to present our  2014-2018 Accessibility Plan.

-- March 2014 --

Apollo Earns Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies Award
11th year in a row

-- FEBRUARY 2013 --

Apollo has been listed
on National Post Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies.

-- FEBRUARY 2010 --

Apollo retrofits all light fixtures
in all plants and offices to high efficiency lighting resulting in a 25% gain in overall electrical efficiency.

--JANUARY 2010--

Apollo augments its use of recycled materials
Ongoing efforts to go green have yielded material improvements in recycled material usage. Greater than 50% of all Apollo processed plastics and corrugated carton stock is comprised of post recycled material.

--DECEMBER 2009--

Apollo teams up with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to aid Haitian earthquake victims.


--DECEMBER 2009--

Apollo has been awarded Platinum status as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for 2009 !

visit the 50 Best Posting

--APRIL 2006--

Establishment License
As of April 6th, 2006 Apollo is now a registered holder of an Establishment License issued by Health Canada

---MARCH 2005--

Spreading beauty creams around the world

Apollo Health and Beauty Care Corp.
Location Concord,Ont
Size 200 employees
Sector Manufacture of health and beauty care products

Charles and Richard Wachsberg know an opportunity when they see one. In 1993, the private-label industry was just starting to come into its own, but health and beauty care companies had not tapped into this market yet. Enter the twin brothers. "We broke into this industry in its infancy here in Canada and truly helped define the early stages of its evolution, "says Charles Wachsberg, president and chief executive of Apollo. Today, Apollo manufactures and distributes personal care products on the world stage for companies such as Wal-Mart, Target and Loblaws. "We're in the U.S,. Mexico, Central and South America, and now the Middle, East. There is not a continent where we have not distributed our wares," Mr. Wachsberg says. He recently returned from Lebanon, where Apollo broke down political barriers to open the Middle East for Western Business. The Largest private-label health and beauty care products manufacturer in Canada with some 1,000 products, Apollo has also significantly saturated the U.S. marketplace and is now looking to the Pan Pacific to increase its market share. "We have been recognized as a leader for launching creative on-trend products, quickly and efficiently," Mr. Wachsberg says. "We offer the most attractive balance of uncompromised product quality and price competitiveness."

Mary Teresa Bitti




Apollo Partnering With PAYE
-April 2015:-

Apollo Health and Beauty Care was pleased to attend the Mayor's Employment and Jobs Reception hosted by Mayor John Tory on Wednesday, March 25th at Toronto City Hall. Apollo has been a proud supporter of the Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE) for the past three years, which is a joint initiative between private sector employers and the City of Toronto working together to increase access to economic opportunities for Toronto youth.

This initiative embodies not only the fundamental morale values of embracing diversity and addressing inequality but it also captures core business principles aimed at mitigating the looming labor shortage. "Creating opportunities for bright, talented and ambitious youths only benefits our organization," says Richard Wachsberg, Chairman of Apollo Health and Beauty Care, "and we are so pleased to be able to help these youths in realizing their career aspirations and reaching their fullest potential."

Apollo - Thinking Safety, Working Safely
-April 2015:-

Apollo Health and Beauty Care has successfully completed its fifth year in the Workplace Safety and Prevention Services Safety Group Program. This voluntary program is a performance-based rebate program developed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and encourages Ontario employers to develop and continuously improve their occupational health and safety systems and overall health and safety performance.

Apollo has consciously pledged to create and maintain a vigorous safety culture with commitment and participation at all levels of the organization.

"Not only is it good business sense to place safety as a top priority in the workplace, but it demonstrates commitment to our valued employees and accountability at all levels of the organization to do things the right way," says Charles Wachsberg, President and Owner of Apollo Health and Beauty Care who takes a personal interest in selecting and monitoring the progress of Safety Group Elements each year.

Apollo Chairman Richard Wachsberg acknowledges he "looks forward to reviewing our annual health and safety objectives and celebrating our achievements and successes with our staff." With Apollo entering the SGAP program for employers in their sixth year of participation, Richard Wachsberg notes that "this new auditing and reporting phase will bring us to the next level of health and safety excellence."

Apollo Health and Beauty Care: Prestigiously Platinum
-March 2015:-

Twelve years ago, Apollo Health and Beauty Care endeavoured to become an honoured member of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies. Not only did Apollo gain acceptance into the 50 Best faction, but we achieved re-qualification status each year thereafter attaining membership in the Prestigiously Platinum Club; companies who have won the Best Managed award for at least six consecutive years.

The coveted 50 Best Managed Companies Platinum Club is obtainable only by employing dedicated professionals who strive each day to perfect their craft and continually improve upon Apollo philosophies, creations and products in a determination to surpass greatness.

From ideation to creation, our business could not be possible without the creativity and genius of our Research and Development Staff, the tenacity and execution of our Sales and Product Development Teams, the collaboration between our Manufacturing Departments supported by our Quality Assurance Team, expedited by our invaluable Logistics Department -- all of which have together ensured optimized product delivery offerings to our cherished clients.

Thank you Team Apollo for another award winning year!

To all the new Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies winners this year, welcome to our Family! Your new status is an indication of a boundless business set out to accomplish great things. To our fellow Platinum Members, we are humbled to share your prestigious and prodigious status of accomplishment.

Apollo Sustainability & Stewardship
-February 2015:-

We are now entering into our final phases for the implementation of our waste water treatment facility. What does this mean? As part of our company initiative to be good corporate citizens and our goals of both sustainability and reduction of environmental footprint, we have designed a system that captures all fluids that exit via waste streams and optimizes environmental impacts resulting therefrom. Specific SOPs related to this effort, from Preweigh to Batching to Filling will ensure best in class results.

We have pushed our environmental initiatives even further with two production assets:
Firstly, we have successfully located a significant water well on our site and we have commissioned our well for use in our plant. "This is a significant win for the environment as we need not burden the City's systems with our requirements for water," states Charles Wachsberg, President of Apollo Health and Beauty Care.

"This will reduce the overall load for the region in much the same way as our waste water treatment reduces the burden to water treatment facilities," states Apollo Health and Beauty Care's Chairman, Richard Wachsberg. Secondly, we created large underground cisterns, the purpose of which is to capture all rain water that reaches our roof. Instead of this water going to City storm drains, we collect the water and then reuse it to water our lawns. Once again, we have responded with sustainability initiatives which deliver a hugely positive impact to the environment and a reduced burden our community.

Apollo Advances Its Environmental Sustainability Program
-February 2015:-

It is no secret that society continues to emit greenhouse gases (GHGs) at an unsustainable rate.

In recent years, we have seen an increased level of environmental consciousness with consumers actively looking for ways to curb their own emissions levels and consequently increasing their expectations of corporations to do the same. While we have had many environmental initiatives and commitments in the past, Apollo Health & Beauty Care is progressing its Environmental Sustainability Program (ESP) to help focus our ongoing effort to enhance the level and quality of carbon emissions generated through our operations.

The ESP will be focused on managing various environmental aspects and impacts by specifically identifying, measuring and monitoring key environmental indicators that guide us in the implementation of this strategy and in achieving continuous improvement. As responsible members of the community we strive to conserve natural resources through innovative processes and continuous improvement initiatives with the goal of reducing, reusing, and recycling to minimize environmental impacts wherever possible.

Charles Wachsberg, President of Apollo, confirms, "We are committed to integrating design for the environment into our facility and workplace operations by designing and manufacturing products in a manner that is safe, energy efficient and minimally impactful to the environment." Richard Wachsberg, Chairman of Apollo, states, "We are dedicated to promoting, maintaining, and improving environmental practices in the workplace through education and awareness at all levels."

Apollo Health and Beauty Care is pleased to present our 2014-2018
Accessibility Plan.
-February 2014:-

Apollo Health and Beauty Care is pleased to present our  2014-2018 Accessibility Plan. Since implementing the Customer Service Standard in 2012, we have already seen significant actions within the organization to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) and anticipate continued progress as the accessibility standards are released, to achieve the Province’s goal for an accessible Ontario by 2025. 

View Accessibility Plan

Apollo Earns Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies Award
--MARCH 2013--
Claims 11th straight 50 Best award! .  

Apollo saves 89.90 trees!
-JANUARY 2013-
As part of Apollo’s Green Movement, efforts focus on reducing our carbon footprint and extending the life of our planet.  
View Certificate


National Post Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies  --FEBRUARY 2013--
Claims 10th straight 50 Best award! .

Apollo Honoured With 50 Best Managed Companies for 2012
“Apollo is very honored and proud to have been recognized as one of the 50 Best Managed Companies by Canada’s leading business awards program for 2012”  

It is our 10th consecutive win and we strive each year to surpass the goals that make us unique. The 50 Best Managed Company award recognizes the whole of our company based on strategy, capability, commitment, and financial results. We recognize that there are many ways to benefit with this award program. The application process rewards us with professional coaching and a detailed self analysis focused on strategic and operational issues. To have been selected as a winner is a privilege which we cherish.

We have grown each year with each win of the 50 Best Managed Company Award. We have been able to identify our strengths and weaknesses and we have celebrated with Team Apollo in honor of our success. We have been granted the use of The Best Managed designation which is the stamp of excellence that is recognized world wide. We have received local, regional and national recognition and media exposure. Invitations to events such as the Best Managed Symposium and Gala have allowed us to network and learn new cutting edge Business Management practices.

We would like to thank the 50 Best Managed Company award program for giving us the opportunity to showcase our success and the vision that has allowed us to outperform competitors and surpass targeted growth objectives.

The Green Movement Continues . --JANUARY 2011--
Apollo is pursuing LEED Silver certification  

Apollo is pursuing LEED Silver certification for manufacturing processes. Successful completion of this endeavor is expected in mid 2011.Canada Green Building Council

Apollo is pursuing Toronto Green Standard certification - North America's most stringent and comprehensive environment-friendly building properties protocol. Successful completion of this endeavor is expected in mid 2011. The Toronto Green Standard

Apollo Earns Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies Platinum Award --JANUARY 2011--
Claims 7th straight 50 Best award! .  

Apollo Health and Beauty Care became a registered holder of an. --FEBRUARY 2007--
Establishment License issued by Health Canada.  

Establishment License issued by Health Canada.

Before attaining this license, the 15-year-old company, which mainly develops and manufactures private-label products for retailers, was allowed to manufacture only items classified as cosmetics within the health and beauty care industry.  With the license, the company can now offer its clients a broader range of products that include pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs, say Charles Wachsberg, chief executive.

"Our mandate is to be flexible to the changing expectations of our clients and their end users, the consumer public," says Mr. Wachsberg.  "By becoming a very broad-based manufacturer, we are able to partner with our clients to become the single source for all their innovative and creative health and beauty care needs.  We believe that the retail client is looking to consolidate its interests with credible, more capable, larger-scale manufacturing sources."

Founded by Mr. Wachsberg and his twin brother, Richard, a co-principal of the company, Apollo Health and Beauty Care features product lines such as personal washes, hair care, skin care, and baby care items, as well as liquid soap and sanitizers.

Eighty per cent of the company's customer base is in North America, says Mr. Wachsberg, with the remainder international.

"We manufacture private label products for retailers in areas as diverse as Mexico, Latin America, South America,the Pacific Rim, Africa and Asia," he says.  B.C., Financial Post

CIBC and Deloitte Touche and National Post and Queen's Business School
-JANUARY 2006-
Honour of one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada 2005 for the 3rd year running  

In 2006 Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies nominate committee, conferred unto Apollo the honour of one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada 2005 for the 3rd year running!

Apollo continues to capitalize on the development of chemically-complex premium private label products which offer true National Brand equivalence in quality and performance at a substantial value proposition for the Retailer.  A laboratory team comprised of chemical engineers, quality control auditors and lab technicians maintain the competitive advantage in product formulation and design which defines Apollo’s product range.

CIBC and Deloitte Touche and National Post and Queen's Business School
--JANUARY 2005--
Best Managed Companies in Canada 2004 for the 2nd year running!  

In 2005 Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies nominate committee, conferred unto Apollo the honour of one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada 2004 for the 2nd year running!

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our dedicated Associates and Vendors and Customers who challenge us to do better each year.

Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies’ Secrets of Success… --JANUARY 2004--
Adaptability, Commitment and Passion  

Toronto, ON -- January 12, 2004 - Winners of the 2003 Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies award, display a number of common business attributes which may provide insight into their ability to achieve significant growth and success.

“Through our analysis of this year’s 50 Best award winners, we found a number of common characteristics of these exceptional companies who have successfully developed, articulated and executed a strategy to achieve a high performance advantage,” said Tony Grnak, Deloitte Partner and National Leader, Canada’s 50 Best. “These winning companies clearly exhibit a strong propensity and ability to stay in close contact with their markets and to adapt and align their strategy accordingly. As well they demonstrate significant passion and commitment to ensuring they acquire and retain the best possible employees.”

Key traits that the 2003 50 Best companies share, include: a continued ability to remain alert and responsive to changes in the market and consumer demands; a passion to create the right leadership and vision; and a commitment to invest in the hiring and retaining of the most talented employees, are some of the key determinants which contributed towards companies achieving recognition on this years 50 Best winners list, while requalifing companies share a remarkable commitment to stay at the leading edge of innovation and to continue growth.

“The 2003 50 Best recipients represent some of Canada’s most exceptional, talented and successful companies who clearly make a significant contribution in driving our economy and expanding our workforce. This year’s 50 Best winners generated $7.2 billion in combined revenue and account for more than 29,000 employees throughout Canada in 2003 (up significantly from $6.2 billion and 21,000 respectively, in 2002). The average revenue increase from 2001 to 2003 for the 50 Best companies is 26% which is attests to the calibre of these companies and acts as a positive indicator for our economy,” continued Tony Grnak, Deloitte Partner and National Leader, Canada’s 50 Best. “We applaud and congratulate all of this year’s 50 Best winners.”

Established in 1993, the annual program recognizes Canada’s 50 Best Managed companies who have demonstrated exceptional ability and aptitude in all areas of management and best business practices. To be recognized as one of the 50 Best, companies must complete a comprehensive questionnaire, and an extensive, in-depth interview process which is evaluated by an independent judging panel to assess and examine its’ management practices. The panel evaluates how companies address various business challenges such as new technologies, globalization, brand, leadership, leveraging and developing core competencies and designing the right organizations and systems to facilitate growth and the new generation of people entering the labour market.

Deloitte & Touche LLP

" The 2003 50 Best winners are an outstanding group of Canadian owned and managed companies who have proven their remarkable ability and commitment to apply best practices to all areas of their business operations,: said James McSherry, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, CIBC Commercial Banking, a national sponsor of the program. "These companies clearly demonstrate innovation, leadership and a focus on their customers and employees. Their example illustrates that focusing on the fundamentals while pursuing a clearly defined strategy is key to achieving exceptional results."



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